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Our goal is excellent service, speedy delivery and total dedication towards customers’ support and satisfaction. At ItuGlobal, you will get fair Perfect Money and Payeer exchange rates and impartial first-class customer service. We are your reliable source for fast Perfect Money and Payeer funding and converting your e-currency to Naira cash.

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Where can one see real time charts of Nigerian markets?

It’s a pity that I can’t get any real time charts of Nigerian markets, especially stock markets. If you want to trade Australian, European, US, Canadian, Japanese, etc. Even South African markets, the charts are readily available? But in Nigeria, the case is different. There are some foreigners who want to partner with NSE, but who don’t get any response. I even emailed them – no response. I called them – failure. Is this how Nigerian markets would grow, when interested investors can’t acc

Free extra cash for PAYEER Sellers. How?

Sell PAYEER now and win free extra cash, +N1000 recharge cards.  How? Firstly, when you sell a minimum of 1000 USD of PAYEER to us, you would get a free recharge card of N1,000 (any network of your choice). Secondly, when you sell PAYEER to, any amount (a minimum of 20 USD per transaction), you also qualify to fund and withdraw Neteller with us at parallel market rates, in August 2017 only. When you sell PAYEER to us within the duration of this promo, we would record your details (nam

What can I do to live as long as possible?

I'm a physician who practice in Florida and I have taken care of at least 40 patients ranging from 95–106 years old. I’m interested in the genetics of my patients, and the things they have in common. Most of them were women, W:M ratio 7:3. They were single, divorced, or widowed very early. They did not have many children, 0–2 children, which was not the rule at their time. The women were mostly Caucasian, or Asian, and the men were of African-american or Hispanic descent. Educatio

NETELLER Funding/Withdrawal: BMW X6 from Instaforex ​

The Win BMW X6 from InstaForex campaign is held from December 28, 2015 to December 29, 2017. The main prize is the powerful luxury BMW X6 crossover. If you want to fight for this stylish sports car, you need to deposit at least $1,500 to your trading account and then register for the contest. The winner will be determined randomly by the BMW number. Thus, all participants have absolutely equal chances to win. For more info, please visit: NETELLER

What would happen if you injected Coca Cola into your veins?

Everything about cola is unfriendly to blood: its pH (very acidic); its tonicity ( moderately hypertonic); its salt balance (almost no salts; very high in sugar); and the presence of foreign proteins (flavourings) and the presence of dissolved carbon dioxide in high quantities. My guess is that the cola will mix with blood. The blood proteins will act as nucleation centres for the CO2, which will immediately form a foam of microbubbles. This will trigger the coagulation system, causing the foa