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Our goal is excellent service, speedy delivery and total dedication towards customers’ support and satisfaction. At ItuGlobal, you will get fair Perfect Money and Payeer exchange rates and impartial first-class customer service. We are your reliable source for fast Perfect Money and Payeer funding and converting your e-currency to Naira cash.

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​ GoTV Free Subscription Promos Scams

In recent times, I usually subscribed to 2 months at a go. In early November 2016 I still had an active subscription that should take at least, 30 days to expire, But I received a message from GoTV SMS saying that if I paid for one month before the end of November 2017. I would get one more free. I paid for the subscription on November 11. My expectation was, if I paid for one month before the end of November, then it would start reading when my existing subscription expired. Then I would

Why it’s insane to pay for the channels you watch

Google, Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, etc, and local TV stations are free because some pay for them. Advertisers. They let you use their platforms free, and they get rewarded by paid adverts. If you need to pay for an online service, then you shouldn’t be harassed by adverts you don’t solicit for. The premise is simply, use something free and get adverts pushed at you. Pay for it, and use it free of any adverts. This is one thing that has contributed to the popularity of Wikipedia and

Someone broke your heart? Here’s the best way to revenge

What is the best way to get revenge on someone who broke your heart? I dated a girl in college whom I thought I might marry. She felt the same though we never planned it. Then one evening my world exploded. After having a few too many drinks with a friend, he confessed he’d had an affair with her while I was gone to boot camp. “Are you f*#king kidding me?” I screamed. “Sorry, just wanted you to know,” he called as he ran out the door ducking for cover. I flipped out and started throw

How you can live up to 100 years (CONFIDENTIAL)

I'm only 26, and am not a doctor, so I'm in no place to tell people how to live to 100.  But this is a subject that interests me, and I read a lot about it.   I would suggest starting with a plan like the below: 1. Speak with your doctor and assess your current health situation.  Assuming that there are no major outstanding health issues, get some extra labwork done that your doctor might not suggest: - Fasting blood glucose - Fasting insulin - Hemoglobin A1

Why the British Empire Destroyed Nigeria ​

Why did the British destroy Nigeria? When will Africa stop whining and take responsibility for bad choices. Our population in Nigerian is tremendously exploding, during independence, our population is less than 40 million and now it's 200 million and it is expected to reach 400 million in 40 years time, There is currently no discussion on population control in Nigerian as constituencies are encouraging its people for population rise because of election. Asked any brainwashed Nigerian abou