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Our goal is excellent service, speedy delivery and total dedication towards customers’ support and satisfaction. At ItuGlobal, you will get fair Perfect Money and Payeer exchange rates and impartial first-class customer service. We are your reliable source for fast Perfect Money and Payeer funding and converting your e-currency to Naira cash.

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My parent punched me; should I retaliate?

It’s never wrong to defend yourself and you should never be expected to take a beating without fighting back. As a practical matter, if your abusive parent is bigger and stronger than you, hitting back will only cause you more pain. You should only hit back if you think you have a chance at winning in a physical fight. But hitting your parent for payback is probably not a good idea. Try anything else to stop your parent from hitting you. Know this: children always have the upper hand. In the en

Why Lagosians prefer crossing busy highways to using foot bridges

Lagos, Nigeria: Why will Lagosians rather cross the busy highway than use the pedestrian bridge? There are a number of reasons for this. 1) Impatience: Sometimes climbing the footbridge means walking back a little distance. Most people simply see this as a greater inconvenience than getting hit by a speeding truck. 2)Fear of heights. 3)Lack of trust in the structure of the bridge: Some of those bridges look like death traps, eg the bridges on Herbert Macauley way. You actually cannot blam

NETELLER announces new fees structure

Neteller is making some changes to their terms and conditions which will come into effect on 14th December 2017. Here is the summary of the changes for you: The fee charged for the Money Transfer option will be 1.45%, with a minimum Money Transfer Fee of $0.50 (USD) and no maximum fee. That means even if you send 5 USD in a transaction, you pay 0.5 USD in fees. If you send 5,000 USD per transaction, you pay 72.5 USD in fees. There will no longer be such thing as a fee capped at a maximum

Tallinex gives 100% safety of your funds

Safety and Segregation of Funds All client funds deposited with Tallinex are completely segregated in "off balance sheet" accounts according to strictly-followed policies and procedures. Tallinex Limited co-operates solely with reputable, regulated, world-leading, international banking institutions. To enhance the safety and security of funds, Tallinex distributes client assets between multiple regulated banking institutions - as shown below:

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10/15/2017 | Finance Blogs | Funds

These are the photos that make the whole world cry

What are the photos that made the whole world cry? Rohingya infanticide moving images. They were shot when they are fleeing by boat to get rid of genocide and mass rape of Myanmar's Rakhine state security forces. As a result, at least 15 people were killed including 4 children and 31 people are unaccounted in Naf river, Maungdaw in northern Rakhine. The next day, at 7 am on the bank of the Naf river, were the bodies of two children and a woman. See a Rohingya child on the ground lo

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10/13/2017 | World Blogs | History